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Paid surveys are a great way to  to make money online and get paid. Fill in a paid Survey online and make Money from home by sharing your opinion for 100% FREE!

How paid surveys work:

They paid survey process is fairly straightforward. You sign up to a paid survey site and complete the member profile. They, then send you an email anytime they have a survey that matches your profile. A typical e-mail invitation will be sent with details like how much will you be compensated to take the survey and the estimated time to complete the survey. Generally expect to spend around 15-30 minutes per survey. Some might be more detailed if they are paying high Dollars.

Payment for Surveys:

Payment for surveys could happen through multiple channels. Some would pay money (anywhere frm $1 to $150 per survey), some will pay by points where in you can collect the points and then order things/items from a list that the survey company provides, some might send you new products in return for your survey, and others might enter you in sweepstake to win a bigger prize.

How to avoid survey scams.

While there might be reputed companies for Surveys, there are companies that do not follow ethical business practices. Always do your due diligence before joining any survey sites.

 In general, Avoid companies

1) Does not make clear how you will be rewarded for your participation

2) Guarantees you a set income

3) Does not post privacy policy

4) Sells member information


1) Signup for several survey sites to increase your chance of getting a survey

2) Repond to survey invitations promptly as space is limited and fills up fast.

3) Keep your profile up to date as you will receive surveys based on your profile.


** Surveys should not ask for any personal information like bank, SSN etc.

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